Monday, December 29, 2014

29 August 2014 Goats and Horses

It was time for the Great Geauga County Fair which meant we could spend the day with friends and enjoy the activities. We made our rounds of most barns with most of the time spent with the goats. It has been interesting to watch the raised breeds change over the years as market demand has changed. Meat goats are becoming more prominent replacing dairy goats at fairs.

Ali did not lose two fingers to a goat. it just looks that way.

Ali was happy the goats were friendly.

Our day at the fair always includes the horse pull. This year was the first time we have seen a horse go down during compettion. It was a scary moment. Thankfully, it was able to rise up and returned to the competition.

The last pull of the evening by the winning heavyweight team.

I would really like to fly in one of these some day. Imagine the pictures.

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