Monday, December 01, 2014

17 June 2014 Libby to Sandpoint

You can't choose the weather. Vacations come and go no matter what happens with the weather, but this day was really tough. Rain and cold temperatures greeted us at the start and stayed with us for the day. It was one of those days where you look for other things to do so with the never ending hope the rain stops. We made a good choice to stop for breakfast at a small restaurant we had noticed the night before. The place was pleasant and a diversion from the rain.

With breakfast done and the rain still coming, we decided to stop at a few of the sights in Libby. They elevate their transportation in this town. ;)

1957 Nash Ambassador Custom

1938 Chevy Stake Bed

I was really concerned about the cold temperatures so we stopped at a clothing store. I was skeptical, but Ali got me to stop. Inside I was surprised to see they had a serious, if limited, inventory of real outdoor apparel. I was able to find a good fleece jacket to wear inside my waterproof jacket so I was ready to conquer the rain.

We stayed near to Libby hunting a few caches and even finding a few. We were delaying our trip to the first of two main goals for the day, Kootenai Falls. We were hoping for a change in weather, but eventually realized that wasn't going to happen.

This stream in Libby was over its banks. We missed the find here.

A nice flower spotted during all the rain.

Despite our delay attempts, the weather did not brighten. We were going to visit Kootenai Falls in the rain because these were too super to pass by.

Is that a suspension bridge ahead?

It's long and bouncy and over a really big river.

It was outstanding. A few loose boards in the middle really made the journey.

The view was good too.

We were a little wet at the end of our visit to the falls,

We continued on our way to Sand Point, but the rain was ever present.

Our second big stop of the day was to see the Ross Creek Cedars. The weather didn't give us a break and we were both chilled beyond any level of comfort, but the cedars were a beautiful sight.

Ali standing by a majestic cedar.

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