Sunday, December 28, 2014

23 August 2013 Forest County and Day 3 of the Star

We were back for day 3 of the star. This was the day to find the few missing caches and find the remaining hides. Despite rain on a grey day, this was my favorite day of the series since much of finds were hidden along an old rail trail giving us a chance to park the truck and walk rather than driving from point-to-point for roadside hides. Despite being a weaker time for sights along the trail, we had fun and enjoyed the views.

I was skeptical about this trail. I am not a fan geo-sketches (they have nothing to do with art). I'm even less of a fan of cache owners never even seeing the powertrails they "own". I think it's bad for the game, and it is very easy for the true owner to hide if something happens like an unhappy land owner or law enforcement intervention. The person who places the caches has no control over the listing pages and the owner has no idea where or how the caches are hidden. It's a recipe for bad things happening. This series was lucky since the local hider is a responsible cacher.

It is strange seeing monarda in bloom in late August.

Gwen is expecting treats from Ali's battery bag.

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