Wednesday, August 12, 2015

26 April 2015 More Florida Trails

After dinner Ali figured out why we might have missed a find at the last Crew puzzle cache. After breakfast, we made a return to Crew to complete the series of caches. Returning to a place like Crew always has a chance of making a new wildlife sighting. Today's visit started off with yet another fine looking red-tailed hawk, but also gave us great views of a few green anoles and sighting of multiple roseate spoonbills.

Our last stop of the day and of the to short weekend was a visit to the Sabal Palm Trail in the Picayune Strand State Forest. There were a series of challenge caches along the trails plus a couple multis and a couple letterboxes. The area was what we've come to call a boulevard of broken dreams. The land was sectioned off and sold to people looking to build their retirement dream. Those dreams never materialized for buyers with the land eventually becoming part of Picayune State Forest. We left a number of caches behind as the day closed out, but the trail was another good spot to see Florida outdoors. It was a very good way to cap the weekend.

When we arrived Ali stopped to use the rest facilities. She was not alone in the unit as there were already three frogs indoors, including two up inside the paper dispenser. I was able to spot two of the frogs but never saw the third.

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