Tuesday, August 18, 2015

6 May 2015 Buffalo Creek Preserve

North Carolina is one of my least favorite places to cache. The state parks don't permit geocaching and much of the other offerings lean to extensive micros. I hoped this evening would be different. In exchange for 25 miles of driving each way, I was hoping to be rewarded with eight small-sized geocaches and a 4-mile round=trip hike. The evening didn't start well.

The first coordinates took me twenty to thirty feet past a no trespassing sign. I respect private property so I looked extensively around the sign and finally gave up on this hide.

I found the second hide and was quite surprised to see a micro. Oh well, on to the third.

I made a try for the third cache with no find. I had spent so much time on two dnf's and with the expectation of more long hunts, I gave up for the evening and turned back.

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