Sunday, August 16, 2015

3 May 2015 Clear Creek and Jefferson County

We started our day with a walk at our home to look for spring wildflowers. The woods were filled with a number of flowers. On our return home the first snake of spring was a small garter snake on the deck.

Our afternoon was spent in Clear Creek and the surrounding areas. We were hunting a few of the DCNR's CCC geotrail and looking for some geocaches that would give us time in the woods.

At Clear Creek State Park Lizzie was in fine form high stepping on the trail.

Our first find was a cache called Weasel's Neverending Hill. It was a good uphill, but not a major hike.

The hide was in a nice rock pile at the edge of a large stand of rhododendrons. It was too early for them to be blooming, but the area must be attractive during June.

Lizzie had really muddy feet from the climb to the cache.

We picked a more scenic (and drier) way back.

We had to make a return visit to a cache at the original site of the training center for game officers. I whined on the way out about the lack of wildflowers. It turned out I wasn't looking closely enough. The nice assortment included many, many painted trilliums.

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