Wednesday, November 18, 2015

27 July 2015 Heading North

With the weekend over, it was time for us to make our way north. Before we left though we made one final stop in Duluth to visit the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center to have our lighthouse book stamped.

The museum was a super collection of the maritime history of the area. There were great displays which brought the history to life. The staff was able to share lighthouse history with us. I still can't believe the lure of going underwater was strong enough to get someone to wear this.

We took a quick walk out to the lighthouse after making a stop at the museum. There were many visitors at the center despite being a weekday.

I didn't know what I would think of Duluth, but I was really impressed. The residents seemed friendly and the local attractions were memorable. I just had a tough time getting past the 7 to 17 degree lower average temperature and the 17 extra inches of snow each year couldn't entice me. I would enjoy a return visit though.

It was time to head north and get serious about visit Minnesota State Parks. Our first stop out of Duluth was Gooseberry Falls State Park. The park was packed with families visiting to see the falls.

Our last big stop before Grand Marais was Split Rock Lighthouse. The lighthouse and the park were special places.

The afternoon mist on the water was a new experience for me.

I wonder how many ships the rocks claimed. Workers actually brought lighthouse parts in by boat and up this cliff face!

The waterside views from the rest of the state park were awesome.

Grand Marais is the image of a small town right down to one of the few remaining Ben Franklin stores.

The day ends with a beautiful scene at a small harbor.

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