Thursday, November 26, 2015

29 July 2015 Visiting Minnesota's High Point

Our first stop of the day was the very attractive Cascade Falls State Park. I want to spend more time here and visit closer to the water, but there were other places to be.

We're geeks. We liked the structures of the rocks here.

By the time we arrived at Whale Lake on our journey to Eagle Mountain (Minnesota's High Point) the blue sky of the day had been replaced by heavy clouds. We were hoping to complete our journey without rain.

Eagle Mountain is only 2,300 feet as Minnesota's high point, but the views are very nice and the climb to the summit is spirited.

After admiring the long views, we made our way to the high point bench mark and plaque.

Yes, that is rain in the distance.

Luck was with us as we completed our journey back from Eagle Mountain with very little rain.

Our next stop was at a place called The Grade at a small pond within the area. I really liked the location. It was a place where your feet were going to get wet. Apparently the area is popular with moose, but we weren't lucky with a spotting this afternoon.

The cache we found here was among the most damaged we have ever found. It was hidden below a tree. The area around the tree had some sort of slide. The cache was crushed below the tree and a lot of mud. This is what we found.

After much work and reshaping, we were able to leave this. Our cache bags contributed plastic bags and new swag. Hopefully, it will allow other cachers to enjoy this area.

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