Thursday, November 26, 2015

28 July 2015 Heading North

Today was our day to visit Canada. We always enjoy our visits across the border. We had decided to make the journey to Thunder Bay. We started our journey with a stop along Lake Superior. I was looking for agates on the shore, but soon realized it's not as easy as everyone says. The road back to the cache was fraught with danger for the geo-rental. Ali surrendered the wheel to me and let me navigate the rough road with guidance from her. Success!

It was a quiet morning on the water.

Usually places that make outlandish claims can't back it up. If there is a place that makes better doughnuts than this one in Grand Marais, I can't remember. The lines surged and shrank but often were down the porch and onto the sidewalk. They were a tasty treat.

Grand Marais is a town with personality and one really large walleye.

We missed the falls at Judge CR Magney State Park, but were treated to some long views of Lake Superior. If we are fortunate enough to return this way again, I hope we can return and enjoy this park.

Our trips to Canada have always been fun and memorable. We were both hoping for a great time in Thunder Bay. It didnt happen. It was a really long drive without any great payout at the end. We like ice cream, but this is the first time I can say ice cream was the best memory of a trip to Canada. On our way back we both spotted a multi at a park and stopped for the find. We've been enjoying a year of finding multicaches so this seemed a good thing to include in our day's adventure. It turned out to be a nine-stage multi in a small park. The multi seemed to include stages hidden in about a third of the trees. It was one of the few multis I've found that I just wished would end. The nearby field was interesting and we got to say hello to a few of the locals who must have wondered why were spending so long in this park.

We cleansed our caching pallet after re-entering the states with a visit to Grand Portage State Park. The hour was a little late, but it was a memorable visit at a scenic park. It is another place that deserves more time on a return visit.

We stayed at Cascade Lodge while in the Grand Marais area. I wasn't sure if I would like the place. I really enjoyed it a lot. We seemed to always come back too late to do weird Lodge things like sit on the front porch, but the room we were in was great and the place had a much different feel than being in a hotel. My only pain was work is too busy for me to truly be away, and the internet connection was weak to non-existent. If I were ever able to not be connected to my career for a few days, I would be very happy to return to Cascade Lodge. Their neighboring restaurant was the perfect mix of good food and quirky vacation decor.

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