Monday, November 30, 2015

31 July 2015 After the Mine

We had two plans for the day. The first was the visit to Soudan Mine. After the mine, Ali planned for the oldest active cache in Minnesota (November 2000) and any other interesting caches we spotted on the way. The oldest cache was a walk in the woods behind someone's hunting camp. We enjoyed the view along the walk and were happy to one again spot orchids in Minnesota.

Purple fringed Orchid

I'm used to seeing tree stands and elaborate tree houses for hunting. This simple elevated platform near the cache site was a different view of deer hunting.

Our turn-around point for the day was a bog beyond Minnesota's oldest. We both enjoy bog visits. The different ecosystems always present an opportunity for new or unusual plants. This one didn't give any great surprises, but offered nice diversity on our walk.

We made a stop in the hunting area by Gheen Tower. I was hoping as we approached to see the tower open for climbing, but it was fenced and not accessible. We did enjoy spotting orchid leaves near the cache in the area.

We made a last stop in Tower mostly to visit the rolling stock at the train museum. The museum was closed, but the grounds off nice views of some old rolling stock including a nicely kept wood side caboose.

Engine 1218 is in better shape than most publicly displayed steam engines. A few of the gages are broken, but most of the fittings seem to be in place. This 2-8-0 celebrated its 100th birthday in 2010. Photos are a challenge with the cover.

Inside the cab

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