Sunday, July 17, 2016

18 April 2016 Chasing a Coin

I was walking the grounds at one of the sites when I noticed a Studebaker Commander sitting on a trailer at the curb.

It was my second consecutive visit to Spokane which included an old Studebaker sighting. This one looks solid. Hopefully, it will get a little love.

We were very near to qualifying for the geocoin awarded as part of the Spokane History GeoTour. After the office I headed to the southern part of the county starting my caching near a quirky, roadside museum. The museum was closed, but I was able to find the cache and explore the grounds.

I stopped for a cache in the small town of Fairfield. I got to like these locations while traveling from Spokane to Wenatchee. The cache was at a small brew pub which holds no interest for me, but I did enjoy stopping in the independent pharmacy to buy a beverage. It was a step back in time.

I made one last visit for a multi by a quiet stream before making my way north.

A cache behind a cemetery on the way back to the hotel took me to woods with a number of spring flowers including trout lilies (or the Spokane equivalent).

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