Thursday, July 28, 2016

23 April 2016 Gardner's Rocks

It was a perfect day to return to the Hatch Run series. This afternoon we were headed to the Gardner's Rocks area in Collins Pine. Collins Pine is a timber management company which kindly shares it's properties with those who want to walk their lands. The day was filled with blue skies.

Tadpoles were swimming in the pools beside the road.

We spotted our first mourning cloak of the season.

Violets, trilliums, and trout lilies were in bloom.

We both saw our first jumping mouse. It jumped once across the trail and made a second shorter jump before pausing long enough for an image.

Lizzie was happy to give herself muddy toes.

She's getting more used to a camera.

Phineas was happy with ammo cans and great smells.

Our hike took us through an active logging area.

I had never seen an attempt to hold a split log together.

This wasn't our first visit to the rocks, but they are quite impressive and fun to visit.

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