Monday, July 04, 2016

7 April 2016 Warren Mall

It appears official. The Warren Mall is dead. A new buyer has sealed the deal with a plan to tear out most of the mall and replace it with open retail. It's fate was sealed years ago when Walmart moved in the neighborhood. It's funny, but I expect Walmart could have spent that investment better somewhere else as the Warren store always seems much quieter than other Walmarts. At least the BonTon will remain open in the new configuration leaving Warren with one shopping choice for clothes.

I'll miss the mall (but not the worn out parking lot). We stopped here often over the years and continue to visit the BonTon. Malls were considered faceless chain retail, but when one visited enough different ones, it was clear they all had their own personality. The personality of the mall often reflected the area. The same can't be said for strips of shops anchored by a Walmart. At least for now the Chautauqua Mall to the north stays open for any time I need a mall fix and want to walk indoors where others are.

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