Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1 October 2016 Turkey Run State Park

We were heading to Missouri but stopped for few caches along the way. We started the day at a couple caches placed on private property. It was a pleasant location that offered some quiet time in the woods. Our main stop of the day was a visit to Turkey Run State Park for a 2000 geocache. Turkey Run offered some good trail time with nice rock formations. We weren't overly successful with our cache hunting here, but did find the old cache.

I had a special treat at another parking area within the park. There was a party at the park with a couple old Pontiacs. They were both super, but the 63 Grand Prix with 8-lug rims was a real step back in time for me.

There was a reason why Pontiacs from 1959 through 1969 were called Wide-Track Pontiacs.

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