Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 October 2016 On to Tulsa

I needed to be in the Tulsa office the next day so we were traveling with limited stops along the way. We started our day with a virtual at the grave of Charlie Parker. It's good to see this jazz legend is still remembered and his grave is still a stopping point for his fans.

Our next stop was a colorful visit to Kauffman Gardens. Butterflies and bees were plentiful and busy with the late blossoms.

Lots of pollen looking like saddle bags

A visit to Missouri's oldest cache was in our plans for the afternoon. When we arrived in the area of the cache I was skeptical about whether the cache was going to be memorable or not. We drove through high density, heavy traffic areas to reach parking which was a larger strip shopping area. Once Ali spotted the trailhead and we were on the trail, the cache was worth the visit. It is located along a stream called Indian Creek. The trees along the trail provide a great cover from the surrounding development and made for a fun cache journey.

Our last, late stop of the day's journey was Independence, Kansas for a visit to the Little House on the Prairie Museum. We arrived too late for the museum to be open, but were able to make a short stroll around the grounds as sunset arrived. Hopefully, Ali and I can make the trip to the Tulsa area in reverse and be able to visit during the daylight and when the museum is open.

On to Tulsa...

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