Thursday, March 09, 2017

22 September 2016 Visiting Garland

I was flying home on a red-eye with some time to do a little caching. Rather than heading to a park, I stopped in Garland for some urban caching. Garland reminded me a bit of Coventry in northeast Ohio, a quirky neighborhood dominated by local businesses.

The milk bottle is a focal point of the street.

This may be an old mason's building, but with a building dating to prohibition and a barred, covered window, the door reminded me of a movie scene for a speakeasy. It's kind of funny that this term has been kidnapped by hipsters as place to gather and drink fake martinis. The building is now home to a real estate company.

Some of the older signs and buildings showed some real influence from googie architecture. The ages are about right for this disappearing 50's look.

After a slow drive through Spokane's rush-hour, construction traffic, I made my way to the airport and a flight to Seattle to wait for a red-eye east. It's quiet at the normally packed Seattle airport by the time the aircraft for the red-eyes make their arrival from oversees flights for the return trip east.

At least one of the shops was still open so I could bring Chukar Cherries back east for us. ;)

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