Saturday, March 11, 2017

30 September 2016 Charleston Falls Preserve

I needed to visit Tulsa for business. We decided to take the weekend and a couple vacation days to drive together and enjoy some time on the trails. Our first day on the way to Indianapolis was mostly wet, but we were able to enjoy a visit to Charleston Falls Preserve.

It may be fall, but there were plenty of late summer wildflowers on view at the park this afternoon.

The images on line of these falls shows lots of flow over the falls. I hoped recent rain would have provided ample water, but the falls were a trickle during our visit.

I consoled myself by climbing into the nearby cave to explore. There was a small chamber at the end of the entrance and some deep paths with very low ceilings. I wasn't up to crawling in the water and ended my journey in the first chamber.

The small pond was a disappointment for wildlife spottings, but the side of the trail near the pond was loaded with closed gentians.

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