Monday, May 15, 2017

16 November 2016 Return to South Mountain

My conference ended with a few hours of daylight. The rest of the week was ours starting with hopefully time to reach a December 2000 cache and a puzzle Ali had solved. A second visit to South Mountain was as pleasant as the first with more climbing and trail adventures

The clear skies of Sunday had been replaced with the late week haze from the Phoenix traffic.

The 2000 cache was a super hide in a large rock formation. We spent a long time looking for the hide with no success. There is eventually that sinking feeling of being so close to a find with no success. We really wanted to find the December 2000 find. Ali and I climbed over all the rocks and crevices multiple times.

Lots of hiding places and spaces to crawl

Suddenly, the ammo can was found!

We made our way over to a solved, puzzle cache for our last find at South Mountain. Metal tin containers make reasonable cache containers in the desert while these would be short lived near our homes. We left a few volunteer tags around the desert during our Phoenix stay.

I never tired of seeing sunsets

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