Monday, May 22, 2017

17 November 2016 Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon

We stayed the night in Flagstaff and were hoping to find a few caches before continuing north. Ali chose Buffalo Park. I was unprepared for the weather and freezing, but we stuck it out for a few finds. A hat was quickly added to the shopping list for our time in the Grand Canyon.

We weren't expecting to see an Abert's squirrel while on the trail. The pointed, tufted ears made this like no other squirrel we have seen.

We made a stop at The Chapel of the Holy Dove on the way north. The small chapel was an interesting break. Services are performed at a pulpit with the woods and Humphreys Peak visible through the windows. The beams of the church were filled with graffiti. I would never consider writing on the inside of any building acceptable, but many, many visitors apparently do. Beside the look at me scrawls were notes of profound emotions, most of them sad. It was a moving vision.

The nearby view of Humphreys Peak is outstanding.

How do you capture wonder and amazement? Every time we visit Shenandoah I have this feeling of being someplace special and awesome. The first views of the Grand Canyon were like that same feeling intensified over and over. Images don't capture what my brain felt. I was so happy to be able to see this place.

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