Monday, May 01, 2017

29 October 2016 ASP Again

We are kind of stuck in a rut between ASP and SGL219 or the geocacher's version of Groundhog Day. They are both great places to walk and see wildlife so it's not a bad rut. Today's journey brought us to Allegany State Park for a fall day that promised rain at some time on the trail. We made our first visit to the Beehunter Trail and enjoyed a long, pleasant hike in the woods. Despite the threatening weather, there were many other people on the trail. We found the caches and watched a pileated woodpecker demolishing a tree. We were also able to enjoy the sights along a few other trails despite the rain.

We were surprised to see Herb Robert in bloom this late. Herb Robert is native to parts of the US but has earned classification as a weed in parts of the US, particularly the northwest since it has escaped from home gardens and can grow aggressively. The plant is rumored to have cancer prevention traits (with all these internet herbal cures, shouldn't we all be cured by now ;) ).

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