Wednesday, May 03, 2017

5 November 2016 Cuyahoga Valley

We rarely visit Cuyahoga Valley. It was a complete surprise a number of years ago when the Recreation Area became a National Park. When i think of national parks, I think of awesome places with lifetime memories that make my heart race in anticipation as we approach the entrance. I think of places like Shenandoah, the Grand Canyon, Pinnacles, and all the other awe inspiring places in our country which can make me pause and gaze at the beauty. Cuyahoga Valley would have been a great state park or an amazing county park. As a piece of our National Park System, it stands as a monument to pork spending. Even so, we enjoyed a walk in the park with the dogs on this fall afternoon and our journey into the nearby Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation. It's hard to tell when the transition from National Park to County Park happens.

Thankfully, there is a national park visit in our near future and hopefully many more ahead...

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