Sunday, November 18, 2007

18 November 2007 Team Nature Nutz

GeaugaGarmin joined us for a day of cache hunting. This spring Cold One named the three of us Team Nature Nutz at a Medina Park Event. We liked the name and its stuck. Today our mission was to find a handful of caches in the Cleveland Metroparks. We started at the Canalway Park. As I was parking the geomobile, I looked across the lot and saw a familiar face. Buffalo Man was getting out of a second geomobile. He was joined a second later by Jester of Jester and Granny. With work, it has been a long time since I have seen either of these friends so we all enjoyed an enthusiastic 2 mile walk along the old canal. Jester found the great mushroom along the way.

After we left our two friends, Team Nature Nutz made its way to the Brecksville Reservation to find another friend's earthcache. We had a pleasant walk; took a few photos; and learned a bit at the earthcache.

After leaving the Brecksville Reservation, we diverted from the Cleveland Metroparks to visit the Bath Nature Preserve. We enjoyed a nice, long walk around the preserve and were treated to a view of a marsh hawk. It was a first sighting for all of us. We later sighted a second marsh hawk in a different section of the preserve.

We headed from the Bath Preserve to the Cleveland Metroparks Whipps Ledges for a fun cache hidden in the Ledges. It was nice to see all the activity at the Metroparks locations today. We dodged muggles and made a nice find while crawling through the ledges.

Our last stop was a quiet visit to Beyer's Pond in Cleveland Metroparks. After our last walk of the day we made our way to Malleys for an ice cream break. Yum!

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