Sunday, November 04, 2007

3 November 2007 Augusta Olsen Nature Preserve

Winter's almost here. It's not a pleasing thought. Almost all the farms have the fields ready for winter. I only passed one farm with feed corn still in the field on my drive out. On the drive back, they were two abreast in that field with the lights on bringing in the last of the corn.

I had to head into the woods to enjoy the last day of daylight savings time for the year. Besides it was a fine day to be out. A little list mixed with some sunshine during my drive. I have no idea why I headed to Wakeman today. It is nowhere near home and not really anywhere I've been. Maybe that was the key. It was someplace new. No matter how it happened, it was a bit of good luck as I ended up finishing my day at the Augusta Olsen Nature Preserve.

The preserve is a nice way to spend a few hours. The river looked great. I didn't see any wildlife, but I found a ton of bloodroot leaves. I expect the wildflowers are something to see in the spring. I managed to be the first dnf for two caches in the preserve so now there's a reason to return in the spring to check out the bloodroot. ;-)

I fear this may be nearly the last photos from my trusty Fuji. It seems to be having some problem with its power system. It always thinks newly charged batteries are discharged. It's been with me a long time through some big changes. If this is the end, I will be sad to see it. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures it (and Augusta Olsen Nature Preserve) have provided.

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