Wednesday, November 28, 2007

24 November 2007 Logans Falls

We went caching for the afternoon with our friend Wes of kcepenn. The short days made for a quick trip. One stop on our trail was a return visit to Logan Falls in Forest County. The AGT cache listed as Logan Falls isn't very close to the falls, but it is located in an outstanding area of rocks. The little kid side of me always enjoys climbing around on these formations. The overhang entrance in the one picture is really impressive. For scale, Wes is standing on the rocks to the left of the entrance in the one photo.

After we found the cache, I walked off toward the falls. We've been to the falls before, but it was during a lower rain time of the year and there was reduced flow. I knew they would be grand today with all the rain we have had. I was also determined to get on the other side of the falls so I could get the best view for these photos. To reach them, I had to go about 200 yards upstream and cross the run. The run is about 20 feet wide so I knew I was going to get wet. My feet were soaked from the trip across and I was dripping from the return, but the photos are worth it. I hope you enjoy.

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