Saturday, June 28, 2008

21 June 2008 Finding a New Trail

Tzach Cache

A Really Wet Osprey

The Old Road

Gwen Resting Before The Hike Back

Newer cachers placed their first cache, Tzach Cache, on a trail in the ANF we had never walked. It was an amazing experience. The trail started with a mean uphill, but flattened out and walked us through huge old rocks. The one in this post looked like the bow of a monstrous ship. The trail then wound back down into a ravine with a small stream running between the rocks. The dogs had a great time splashing in the stream.

After that we dodged a lot of rain drops. We stopped by to see the osprey in the nesting platform on Kinzua Reservoir. The photo shows how intense the rain was.

Our last stop was a big dnf. We have wanted to search for a cache for some time. The only way into the cache seems to be on a private road. A few months ago we found an old road through the ANF that seemed to be a direct path to the cache. The cache was about 1.8 miles from parking as the crow flies so we thought we had a chance of reaching it. The old road is pretty faint at times, but we got within a half-mile of the cache before we gave up. We had at least another hour of tough hiking and the dogs were showing their fatigue. We were disappointed, but still had a chance to explore an area we had never seen before.

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