Monday, June 09, 2008

7 June 2008 Elk Creek, Union City, and home

We were heading to PA and decided to hunt a few caches. I had hunted an old cache in the dark at Elk Creek over two years ago. I got to the hide site, but found no cache. It had been muggled. I (of course) took the hard way in that evening. Since then I wanted to go back and find the replaced cache. Today, we took the dogs in and found it. It was a really warm day, but we figured being in the woods would help keep the dogs cool. It didn't work. We were both surprised that Eva was the dog that seemed most bothered by the heat. We left the woods three times on the walk so they dogs could splash in Elk Creek. After Elk Creek, we headed to Union City for a cache at the reservoir. It's quite scenic and the dogs were happy. Ali spotted the wild columbine on the drive for the reservoir. We were both surprised to see yellow clintonia at the cache site. The painted turtle greeted us as we pulled in the drive.

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