Friday, June 13, 2008

8 June 2008 Meeting on the Trail

We were caching at Irvine Run today. We had found three of the four caches on the trail and stopped to watch some adult salamanders in the water. We were just walking back to the trail from our third find when we heard a muggle. It was really hot and the swamp was wet so we were a little surprised. We were even more surprised when she said can you show me on your gps where the parking lot is? It was then we noticed her gos and realized the muggle was really a cacher. We had a pleasant visit with a wonderful cacher from Kentucky. She was actually looking for our Rainbow Bridge cache. She had a picture of her beloved dog (a cutie). We spent some time. She went on her way. It was nice meeting another cacher on the trail. :-)

We saw these wild iris as we were walking along the old fish ponds. After walking these trails for years we saw a new sight on our walk.

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