Monday, September 13, 2010

25 July 2010 The Journey Home

Stopping at the Reading Pagoda is always an anticipated visit. For me, it's a place to climb around and play. For Ali, the memories go back to her youth. This was a regular stop for hill climb racing. Her dad raced at many of the local hill climbs. It must have been quite a treat to be a child with this for a play area at race time. We were both happy to stop by for a visit.

We drove through rain for a good part of the way home, but the rain stopped long enough for a visit to an old cache by this small lake in Centre County. The row boats at the edge of the water offered thoughts of a quiet day on the lake.

Our last stop on the way home was for a visit to Meyer's and milk shakes. It has been over twenty years since we first stopped here for shakes. Ali's visits go back longer than that to her time at Penn State. I always anticipate traveling through with Ali and making a stop. Besides all our memories here, the glass milk bottles are a return to my youth when my parents bought milk in bottles from Bozak Dairy. Every day on my way home from elementary school I passed Bozak Dairy. Sometimes if I had change, I would stop in for a treat before making my way home.

After our visit to Meyer Dairy, we finished our journey home. We passed the time with some discussion of the upcoming Midwest Geobash and where our next geocaching adventure would take us.

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