Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 August 2010 The Coming Storm

We headed into the trail with a bright sunny evening. About halfway through the walk, I noticed the wind had packed up a lot and the temperature was dropping. "Is it supposed to rain?" I asked. "There's no rain in the weather," Ali replied confidently. About five minutes later I noticed it was really dark to the west. With a lot of trail left and no cover for my camera, I started to get a little excited. When the skies opened, we took off running with Gwen and Eva. I figured we hadn't a chance of making the Subie before the rain, but knew there was very small, very old shelter off a small side trail. We made it wet, but not as wet as we could have been. The shelter has no walls, but still kept us dry. Ali followed a few minutes later. We gratefully stayed in that small shelter until the rain stopped.

I had no idea nettles flowered. I thought their only purpose was to cause pain.

A wet Eva waits out the rain on a bench in the shelter.

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