Tuesday, September 28, 2010

8 August 2010 Three States and Home

Before starting our journey home we made our way to the intersection point of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan to find the virtual cache there. The nice granite marker which once marked the triple corner is broken and damaged now, but still marks an interesting location. I'm not sure we've ever found virtuals in three consecutive days before.

On our way to the tri-state benchmark, we saw a sign for indian mounds. Neither of us were aware of any mounds in the area, but have been to a number of mounds in southern Ohio. We were surprised to find four mounds from the Hopewell Indians. We stopped for a visit and a few pictures before continuing our journey.

Our trip home was going to include a stop to get another page of the Ohio Delorme Challenge completed. I had stopped briefly at a Toledo metropark in the spring and was impressed by the quality of the park. Ali decided we would cover a page need with a stop at Secor Park in the Toledo Park system. She picked well. An early cache led us to a small but very well-flowered prairie area. The prairie dock was a real surprise.

Our last stop was at the Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve to do a very rare earth cache. Lately we've reached the point of avoiding earthcaches, but the write-up of this wet prairie left us interested enough to make the stop and do the earthcache. we were not here at the best time since much of the prairie was dry from our dry summer, but there were nice wildflowers and some interesting birds.

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