Monday, May 14, 2012

24 March 2012 Touring Windsor (and parts nearby)

We had tried a couple times to locate the first stage of the Let's Tour Windsor multi-cache in Ashtabula. On our last visit, we realized where stage one should be, but it was missing. Today we stopped by the Windsor covered bridge and had stage one quickly in hand. It was nice to see that the bridge has recently been painted.

I saw this can in a small cemetery where a stage was located. Despite being almost 40 years old, the colors on the Pepsi can were still strong with only a little fading. Pepsi was always third behind Coke and RC Cola, but I was willing to drink it in the days when the soda was still made with real sugar. I always have an ear-worm playing in my brain. Seeing this old can started an endless loop of Pepsi's old slogan. The age of the slogan is a few years off the age of the can, but the memory still popped into my head. The ear worm is back as I write this post.

The old church below was built in 1832. It is long past its days as a house of worship, but it lives on as a home to the local historical society. The steeple is unusual, but there is yet another church in the county with the same style.

We had a great time in Ashatbula County for the afternoon. There were some wonderful spring wildflowers on the Windsor tour and along the Western Reserve Greenway Trail.

Our first salamander of the spring was spotted on the Greenway Trail near a cache.

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