Wednesday, May 16, 2012

25 March 2012 9,000 Geocache Finds

It is strange to think we have been geocaching for so many years. It seemed like a fun activity, but I wasn't sure how long it or our interest would last. It certainly has staying power.

I was going to be traveling, and we wanted to hit another milestone together so we drove to northwest Pennsylvania to Erie Bluffs State Park. For a time, cachers would place caches and call this area Erie Bluffs State Park. I would chuckle at the prospect of this area being a state park. Then about a year ago I found out this really was planned as a state park. At the moment, the "park" is a sign at the entrance, a gravel parking area, and a couple of really muddy trails. Today we found lots of wildflowers, a handful of birds, and a pleasant walk (and some ticks). Normally there is a great view of Lake Erie, but the haze really closed in visibility. We had fun and passed another milestone in the world of Geocaching.

The trail on our walk out was filled with white trilliums that hadn't yet opened.

We were rewarded for our early visit with a large number of red trilliums near the bluff.

There wasn't much to see on a hazy day. As usual Eva the daredevill looks like she's trying to jump off the bluffs. I have been on these bluffs not far from here as a thunderstorm rolled in from the northwest. It was an awesome sight.

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