Sunday, May 20, 2012

26 March 2012 A Rare FTF

This afternoon was travel time. I was headed to New York for an audit. I planned to stop in the Harbor Creek area along the way to grab a first-to-find on a challenge which had been unfound for days. On the way I made a quick detour to find a cache at someone's business. The property along the road had a number of large dinosaur creations. Geocachers have a way of finding these things and placing caches there.

When I reached the park with the unfound cache, I was still expecting someone had finally stopped by to nab the FTF before I arrived, but when I opened the container there was a blank page staring at me. I think our last first to find was on Christmas Eve 2009 at the Cleveland Zoo. We never grabbed more than a couple a year before we became reviewers. Since we've become reviewers, it has fallen back to more like one every couple years. This was nice treat.

Looking at Lake Erie, it was hard to believe it is still March. The lake looked wonderful with rollers splashing waves on the beach. I thought briefly about chasing the cache on the other side of the creek, but the water was moving swiftly and was high. One bad step and I would either finish my drive soaked or would find myself a few hundred feet away in the Lake Erie surf. It's a scenic stream and a nice cache location. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to return for the find some day when the stream is a little quieter.

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