Saturday, May 26, 2012

31 March 2012 Quiet Saturday

Since I was into PA early and Ali would be driving in the morning, I got the 'chore' of walking out to one of our caches which was in need of maintenance. Ali had hidden it last summer in the frenzy for GeoWoodstock. The location was near one of our early higher terrain finds and a still favorite cache. The cache we found was archived long ago so we wanted a hide near that spot for GWS visitors who wanted another tough nearby hide.

She had the dogs so climbing a rock formation with an ammo can wasn't going to work. It was low in a rock formation and had gotten wet. I hadn't been to the area of the hide before so I got to hunt for our own cache. Once I found it, I decided to move it up a bit. ;-)

These are really nice gamelands. Depending on the trail the variety here includes everything from vernal pools teaming with salamanders to wildflowers to wild blueberries to large rock formations. The large rock formations are surrounded by really dense mountain laurel so the hike is challenging. The pleasant stream below is in the early part of the hike.

I think it will be dry on top below this big rock.

When you are on top, they really don't look like they are twenty feet tall.

After Ali arrived, we headed out with the dogs to do a little maintenance on the Irvine Flats cache hides. Our Beanie Baby cache was out of beanies and we wanted to check on Le Grande Orange, our only ammo can to ever get stolen. It was once again missing and is now an archived cache.

After the cache maintenance, we drove over to Crawford County for some walking along the Hydetown rail trail. We were here New Years Day with Brussard and cached the eastern side. We were rained out before heading too far west. Today we returned for a walk along the old rail bed. We were rewarded with marsh marigolds in the wetlands off the trail (and a few ducks which I missed with the camera).

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