Wednesday, March 06, 2013

23 November 2012 Caching the Clarion North Country GeoTrail

We returned to Clarion County to continue our journey on the Clarion North Country Geo Trail. Besides a CNCTGT cache or two we were hoping to visit Umbrella Rock and hunt the cache near there. Umbrella rock is a large balanced rock. The cache was supposed to be in a small cave, but was missing. Our timing was poor as the owner's friends did maintenance later in the afternoon. The cave was fun to explore even without a find.

The cave entrance

I thought the cache may have been on this shelf, but could not find it here or in the chamber at the same level.

My claustrophobia kicked in at the thought of dropping to the lower chamber. Without a rope I was concerned about coming back out.

Someone walked a long way into the woods to put graffiti on this rock.

We stopped to hunt the cache hidden on this old grader, but it was missing too.

We ended up finding three of the Clarion NCT GeoTrail caches and reached the halfway point of the trail. Since we started to the south our drives will be shorter and our caching time longer on future visits.

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