Sunday, March 10, 2013

28 November 2012 Hostess R.I.P.

Hostess recently left the world of baked goods. They have long been a butt of jokes and left to stand alongside soda as the reason for every fat kid in the country. My memory is a little different. I remember being about eight and bribed on a regular basis by my brother to deliver half the papers to his customers. What was my pay-off? A can of Cotton Club Swiss Creme Soda and a package of Hostess from one of two corner stores on his paper route. In those days, Suzy Q's were made to a different recipe and were my favorite. As I grew older I became fond of their cupcakes. They were a great snack after a long bike ride or an afternoon of pick-up baseball or an evening of 3-on-3 basketball.

As I was in the days when my brother and I delivered papers to his customers, I am still as active as a manager's desk job will allow. I am into my fourth decade of adulthood and other than weight losses caused by a three decades of a medical condition I cannot control, my weight has stayed nearly constant. Hostess remained one of the simple pleasures of my life. I will miss the reassuring sound of a package of cupcakes being ripped open after I finished a multi-mile hike n the woods. Good-bye Hostess. You will be missed. Everything changes... usually not for the better.

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