Saturday, March 16, 2013

9 December 2012 Feeding the Birds

We started our morning with a trip to Patterson's for a Christmas tree. Besides visiting their fields each spring to pick strawberries together, we have made many pleasant journeys to Patterson's over the years for everything from apples and acorn squash to cider and doughnuts. When they added trees to their annual activities a few years ago, it was a natural for us to start buying our trees here. This year was a frasier fir.

After taking the tree home and eating breakfast, we headed for our one cache hunt of the day. One of our favorite hiders, JoesBar, had placed a new cache in North Chagrin. His hunts are always for caches placed in interesting places. This one promised to take cachers past a 400-year-old, red oak located along a trail where birds land and eat from your hands. The tree was really outstanding. The birds were fun. We were each able to get multiple chickadees to eat from our hands.

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