Thursday, May 14, 2015

20 February 2015 Ice Bubbles - Part 2

I was seriously unhappy with the cold and more than a little concerned about damage to our home. Prolonged below zero weather can be a disaster. Despite that I was determined to retry the frozen bubble experiment. The only bubbles we had were catnip bubbles for cats. The bubbles never seemed to excite the cats and they weren't the best bubbles either. Still they were all I had. I tired them twice once at room temperature and once chilled in the fridge. Neither the room temperature or chilled catnip bubbles produced frozen bubbles. The catnip oil may have lowered the freezing point of the soap.

I needed to act quickly before it warmed up. :) I decided to try Dawn dish soap diluted with a little water. Bingo, it was cold and there were frozen bubbles!

The rolling bubbles were fun to watch.

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