Sunday, May 03, 2015

7 February 2015 Ernst Trail

We were going to go walking for caches today, no matter what the weather. We debated the best place to stop while on our way to Warren. The Ernst Trail in Meadville seemed the perfect option. We know the trail. It is an old rail line with a flat grade. It starts out with some great wetlands views and drops into a nice wooded section. It's also a popular trail so the snow would most likely not be so deep.

We were wrong. The trail was deserted on this Saturday and had seen few visitors. It was rough walking all the way. The trail though was the easy part of the journey. Once we stepped of the trail for a cache hunt, the deep snow was difficult to navigate. All the caches but one were micros. We found one micro of the three we searched. We took turns looking in the deep snow until one of us needed a break. The regular was a longer walk through deep snow, but ammo cans make such a sweet sound when they are tapped. :) At least we got some exercise and came away with a couple cache finds. Wildlife viewing was non-existent, but there are better days ahead for that.

Lizzie likes ammo cans too!

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