Wednesday, May 06, 2015

8 February 2015 A Long Walk at Chapman State Park

Phineas daydreams while thinking of bunnies as he plots our caching day.

We knew the snow was going to be deep, but the snow pack was two to three feet deep with drifts going higher. Phineas is a winter veteran, but Lizzie is still getting used to trail time. They both sniffed out the first find. By the second find we were all moving well on the trail and enjoying a cold afternoon.

It was a good day for spotting woodpeckers as we made our way through the park.

I thought the compacted snow on the park's picnic table looked like snow coffins.

Chapman answered positively one big question for Lizzie. Most of our dogs have had no fear of suspension bridges, but Murray and Gwen were the exceptions. Chapman's a great place to try even in the snow since the bridge is a short and an easy crossing if a dog needs to be carried.

Lizzie was perfect! She bounded across the bridge and down the stairs with the same happy demeanor she always shows.

We were hoping for a glimpse of an eagle today. Even the quietest end of the lake was bird free.

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