Wednesday, May 06, 2015

9 February 2015 Main Line Canal

I try to avoid too many winter trips to Carlisle, Pennsylvania because of the potential for harsh weather in the center of the state. This year, I was making my second in two months and once again lucky with the weather. I moved across the state quickly because there was a high probability of snow, but allowed time for a quick walk in Duncannon after refueling in town. There was a cache in a small park alongside remnants of the Main Line Canal. The walk gave a few views of old canal era buildings constructed up to the edge of the water and an old well-preserved canal era bridge. Except for the lack of canal traffic and the electric lines, this location looks very much as it would have in the 1850's when the canal was in use.

With the poles and wires removed, the scene from the canal bank is probably very much what was viewed by a canal boat occupant in the 1850's.

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