Wednesday, September 02, 2015

16 May 2015 Allegany State Park

It was ASP GeoBash day. One day of the year where we get to see many friends, spend the day with a great friend, and hike and geocache all day. It seems like so many of these days are rainy. Today was a perfect day for images. The light was almost perfect while a little rain wet the world.

Okay so we don't know everybody in the crowd above, but we know many, many of those super people.

We were here to hit the trails so once we were done visiting and fortified with lunch, it was time to hit the trail.

It would not be ASP without spring wildflowers.

We were pondering how many miles of the trails in the park we still have to walk. It seems we have been across most of the park, but we always seem to find someplace new to visit. This overlook behind the old fire tower was a new stop for us on our journey.

They are still cute at this point.

Chris and I played in the water here while Ali hunted down the cache.

The rain really kicked in when we made our final stop to hunt a cache at Thunder Rocks.

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