Saturday, September 05, 2015

24 May 2015 Visiting Two Mile Run County Park

It's hard to believe we hadn't visited Two Mile Run Park in over six years. We used to visit Venango County more frequently, but other commitments have changed the places we get to hike and visit. We were hoping for a nice spring day on the trails.

Any day that starts with a stream crossing and azaleas has to be a good one. We were barely on the trail when the blossoms below were seen.

We opted to cross the stream rather than test the damaged bridge.

It doesn't take much to make Phineas happy. A rock to stand on...

and a place to bay.

Phineas was with me. After moving down the trail a bit, Phin and I recrossed the water to get more images of fuller mountain laurel blossoms.

The fronds were visible for cinnamon ferns.

The wildflowers still looked good.

We picked up a nice find on a lonely cache in a part of the park we had never visited before.

Ali went for the find on this D 3 1/2, lonely cache while I held the dogs.

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