Monday, September 07, 2015

25 May 2015 Looking for Orchids

We were out for an afternoon of caching in Warren, but our first stop was Anders Run Natural Area to look for orchids. Our drive was interrupted by Ali spotting a scarlet tanager in a tree by Irvine flats. The picture is lousy, but any spotting of this elusive bird is special for us.

Anders Run is a super location to see wildflowers including some very nice orchids. This fun trail is a great, short walk year round, but it's a destination for a couple weekends each spring. Occasionally we miss them blooming and the total number of spikes changes each year, but they are a sight to see.

We were happy to see spikes at the first location we checked. We've never seen fewer than one spike here. Today there were multiple plants with spikes.

We passed Anders Run on our way to the second group of orchids. Phineas and Lizzie enjoyed a splash. Lizzie is quite happy splashing anywhere.

Our second orchid stop was filled with spikes. We enjoyed looking and spotting them before moving on. It was a special walk.

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