Wednesday, September 09, 2015

29 May 2015 Zoar Valley

I was on my way back from a trip to the Niagara Falls area. I was headed to Pennsylvania, but had time on the return trip for a few relaxing hours in the woods at Zoar Valley. A multi and a full plate of high terrain caches was the perfect way to unwind. I'm not a fan of tree climbing caches, but really enjoyed the one at Zoar.

I could have found a better way to cross this besides a walk across the downed log, but this was a day for doing different things.

I travel to the Niagara Falls area so infrequently these days that I had forgotten how much fun can be had caching through the ravines of western New York.

A grapevine hanging across the trail was a tempting stopping point.

Pepsi is not my drink of choice, but this old bottle I spotted on the walk was really interesting. It appears to be a 1940's bottle made by Owens. It was an unexpected find.

It was a wonderful few hours of quiet time in the woods. Even better was I left at least as many unfound caches for another quiet afternoon and a return visit.

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