Wednesday, December 02, 2015

1 August 2015 Do We Have To Leave?

That last full day of vacation is always an odd one for me. It's a weird mix of thinking can we just stay a little longer and the reality of course we can't since work pays for these. There were four more state parks and a long drive back to the Minneapolis area so we didn't get to spend as much time at a few places as I would have liked.

Bear Head Lake State Park was a beautiful place. I wanted to just stop and rest by this peaceful shore.

It was a good week for spotting some really nice towers. It was not a good week for finding towers open for climbing. I was hopeful as we approached this and saw people climbing it. Once we reached the tower, the no climbing signs were very evident so my hopes of a great view were dashed. We were able to locate an old cache nearby, but not the benchmark disks around the tower.

Moose Lake State Park had water that just called out for a boat or kayak or anything that would float. The area where we parked was filled with visitors going out for a paddle.

Banning State Park was not the most memorable, but it still gave us a nice walk and a chance to see an immature red-headed woodpecker.

St, Croix State Park was our last cache of the day and the last cache before a long drive to the hotel. We were a little hurried knowing we were going to be very late getting back, but we enjoyed an end of the day trail along the river and a striking sunset.

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