Sunday, January 31, 2016

11 October 2015 SGL 167

Ali was headed west, while I was traveling east so we stopped for a walk with the dogs at SGL 167. We enjoyed a few cache finds together, but mostly just enjoyed a walk on a mild, fall afternoon before heading in different directions.

This was the first place we have seen Pennsylvania use a feedplot for sunflowers. The field must look good when in bloom. It was long past that point this afternoon, but the remaining sunflowers were very popular with the birds in the field.

We spotted an old plow piece on our way to one of the caches. It was hard to date and decide if it was a piece from an old farm or a tool for growing in the game lands.

SGL 167 is a gamelands where you can see a chestnut tree on many of the trails if you are really observant. Ali spotted this really tall tree showing no real signs of blight. I hope to still be walking the earth when they finallt release a blight resistant chestnut. With a little more luck, I'll be able to plant a few.

We've hiked portions of this gamelands many times and never saw this larger pond. We hoped for a few stray ducks, but there were none to be seen.

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