Monday, January 11, 2016

23 September 2015 Wellsboro to Williamsport

Each Wellsboro visit includes a visit or two to the historical Wellsboro Diner for breakfasts.

While we were eating breakfast, I looked out and spotted the enclosed scooter. I've not seen an enclosed one before. I hope it's air coditioned.

Wellsboro is a beautiful town filled with happy memories. After breakfast we took a walk around before leaving.

We made a last stop at Peggy's to stock up with peachy penquins for the trail.

We cached our way to Williamsport with the best caches hidden in Loyalsock State Forest in an area now called McIntyre Wild Area. McIntyre was a company mining town formed in the 1800's. The town once included over 300 homes. By 1886, the mine was closed and equipment sold. Time has erased much of the evidence that 1500 people lived and worked here. A cacher placed a series of caches in the area with bits of local history included on the cache pages.

The cache at McIntrye Pond was a dnf for us, but the quiet location was a favorite.

Many of the grave markers in McIntyre Cemetery are fading and unreadable. The cemetery is slowly sliding back into the woods.

We ended our day in Williamsport with dinner at an unremarkable Thai restaurant and a stop at the Little League sculptures.

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