Saturday, January 16, 2016

24 September 2015 Dynamite Shacks and Trout

We were back on the CCC GeoTrail. Our first caching adventure included a visit to the site of Camp S125 including a visit to a rare remaining CCC building which was a dynamite shack when the camp was operational.

The dynamite shack...

The remains of the rec hall...

Our journey continued to CCC Camp S66 and included a stop at a stream where they built structures to improve the fish habitat.

It seems they were successful.

Finding the cache required crossing a dam. It was a fun adventure.

Fading date inscribed when the dam was built 80 years ago.

At a visit to CCC Camp S114 we were treated to our second dynamite shack of the day. This one was of much different construction. While it was made of sterner stuff than the first, I'm not too sure they would have done much in an explosion besides becoming shrapnel.

Serious hinges

Both shacks were deep in the woods and unlikely to do much human damage had the dynamite blown.

We finished our day with a hike at RB Winter State Park. We've passed by the park before, but never stopped. Today's visit makes me hope for an opportunity to return again.

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