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25 September 2015 A Virtual Cache in Susquehannock State Forest

The Boundary Dispute virtual in Susquehannock State Forest is a high terrain cache that hadn't made our list of finds before. Today we planned to make the hike after finding a few CCC GeoTrail caches. This 2001 cache replaced a container cache which had to be removed because it was hidden in the F. H. Dutlinger Natural Area where container caches are not permitted. We expected a long adventure on the trail and were not disappointed.

Our journey began with a stream crossing. Although the spot was technically a place where a vehicle could cross we decided to not abuse our vehicle. Once we got to the the other side we saw the "road" on the other side of the crossing was in very bad shape and not a place we wanted to drive. We were happy to make our journey on foot.

There was an option of a wire crossing over the stream. I toyed with it out and back, but had no gloves for holding on while crossing. The rocky stream bottom was a head injury waiting to happen if I lost grip. I decided to splash across.

A little deep and wide for our Subaru

About four feet off the water and a rocky crossing made me unwilling to try the adventure.

We walked a road lined with camps to reach the natural area. Most of the camps were well kept. Some gave some interesting sites.

This old trailer is sliding into history.

The seven years bad luck from this medicine cabinet mirror must have passed long ago.

An old chimney from a long gone camp

Um, no comment

Eventually, we reached the natural area.

The trail was a good as expected.

We weren't alone as we spotted very fresh and very large bear paw prints.

A rare picture of us together by the trail register

There were some tall trees by the register and the virtual.

Fall was just starting to show colors as we made our way back.

A few late forget-me-nots were there as we re-crossed the stream.

The ladder was more secure on this side giving me a moment to again consider crossing by wire. I made the wise choice again.

We finished out our day with a last cache at another peaceful and scenic CCC camp location. I enjoyed being near the water as the late day sun faded.

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